Lights out!

Avoid wasting energy!

The situation on the electricity market continues to come to a head. The understandable fear of a blackout is more than understandable. How much will electricity prices rise? Will we have affordable gas soon? Even politicians must now openly admit that security of supply cannot be fully guaranteed in the coming winter. In our opinion, there is no question that this is an indictment of our highly technical and still solvent country.

We at eteK-NORD will therefore do our best to uncover sources of error and identify potential savings by analyzing your power grid and inspecting your electrical systems in accordance with DGUV V3 VDE 0105-100 and with the help of electrothermography.

Our own claim for your safety

eteK-NORD guarantees the standard that you can expect from a modern service provider. At the end of the day, it’s all about our safety. We do our best to achieve this, now and in the future.

The inspection of your electrical installations according to DIN VDE 105-100 is often a point of contention if the production halls and other premises are not owned by you but have been rented. It is imperative to provide clarity here so that you are legally protected.

If you would like more information on this subject, we are always available to help and advise you.

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