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Newsletter 2021/09 part 02

“Couldn’t it be a little cheaper?”


We hear these and similar statements more often from our customers when they study our offers for testing their electrical systems and machines, etc.

Then we always say: “Quality has its price. And in the end it will be more cost-effective for you if the best possible quality is also delivered by the service provider, especially in the area of occupational safety. ”

Those who demand quality cannot get it at the lowest price.

In both official and industrial tenders for DGUV examinations, the price is almost exclusively decisive in the end. eteK-NORD clearly and unambiguously distances itself from such a price war, from which quality always has to suffer. We will not get involved in check prices for dumping. This is the only way to always get the best quality from us.

The choice is yours – do you want to impress your supervisor by urging the suppliers to provide services that are difficult to achieve at a low price, which then grudgingly accepts? Then you should be aware that most likely the quality of the exam will suffer. Even if mistakes made or “savings” are not immediately apparent during testing, there is a good chance that they will one day hit you. And then good advice is expensive!

Don’t do this to yourself!

Quality HAS its price – short-term saving at the wrong end is no way to long-term success!

eteK-NORD – always there for you!

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