There is still light burning! Avoid wasting energy!

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Lights out! Avoid wasting energy! The situation on the electricity market continues to come to a head. The understandable fear of a blackout is more than understandable. How much will electricity prices rise? Will we have affordable gas soon? Even

Access denied! eteK-NORD pays attention

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Company data is a coveted commodity and therefore requires special protection. This is often easier said than done. We at eteK-NORD know this all too well. After all, we have to protect both your data and our own data in

The “non-contact temperature measurement” eteK-NORD sees through

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The "non-contact temperature measurement" eteK-NORD sees through Every one of us knows this situation: You have a running business and the last thing you want is for machines and systems to be shut down unless it is absolutely necessary. Many

We come with good references

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We come with good references eteK-NORD as a pillar of the meexgroup - partner for industry and trade eteK-NORD - partner of industry and trade For many years, eteK-NORD has been active throughout Germany as a quality service provider in

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