eteK-NORD explains: Why DGUV exams?

Newsletter 2021/08 part 02

“Do I really have to have everything checked?”

What purpose do DGUV exams serve?

It is the primary concern of the DGUV tests with all their different test standards (tests according to DIN VDE) on the part of the legislator that Number of accidents and damage caused by electricity Only companies that have their machines, systems and portable devices checked regularly are on the safe side and actively improve the safety of employees and their devices.

The employer is obliged to have operating equipment and production systems / machines as well as portable devices checked regularly in accordance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) , TRBS (technical rules) and DGUV. Section 26 BetrSichV makes it clear that failure to do so is a criminal offense.

Safety checks are essential to prevent accidents . If you have been supported with this task in your company (appointment as a specialist for occupational safety or as a safety officer), you must absolutely get an overview of the DGUV tests to be performed and their current validity in order to meet your duty of care .

The tests must then be carried out by a qualified person (TRBS 1203) using suitable equipment. We only use the most renowned and latest measuring and testing devices from GossenMetrawatt © . Based on our own risk assessment, these are always checked regularly and continuously by an accredited calibration laboratory in order to guarantee the highest measurement and testing standard.

The test intervals must be determined using a risk assessment. Of course, we also offer this as a service for your company. eteK-NORD – everything from a single source!

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