eteK-NORD explains: VdS test SK3602

Newsletter 2021/07 part 03

Electrical test for clause SK3602 / SK AFB 2010 according to guideline VdS 2871 (VdS test)

The question arises again and again whether the SK 3602 will replace DGUV regulation 3 or not.

It should be noted here that the SK 3602 is an independent test that the Association of Insurers imposes on its policyholders in order to create correspondingly favorable conditions in the building insurance sector.

This is what the fire insurance clause says:

You are obliged to have your electrical system checked at least once a year by an electrical expert recognized by the Association of Damage Insurers (VDS). If you fail to meet this obligation, your insurance cover is at risk or fire insurance can terminate your insurance contract. For this purpose, a VDS-certified engineer ( VDS 2228 ) must be commissioned by the policyholder to examine the electrical system.

Please consider that the electrical test according to VdS 2871 (clause test, VdS test) is to be regarded as a prerequisite for a DGUV V3 test.

The policyholder receives his conditions on the basis of this report.

This report is absolutely independent of the need to check the electrical system according to DIN VDE 0105-100 , as it is also described in DGUV regulation 3 .

This regulation was introduced by the legislator in order to increase the safety of employees against electrical accidents at work. To put it clearly:

Both tests are to be viewed independently of one another and are not a substitute for one another.

The limitation is as follows:

Anyone who is insured with a VDS insurer needs a VDS examination in addition to the DGUV examination. The VDS auditor must be VDS certified.

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