There is still light burning! Avoid wasting energy!

2022-07-12T13:03:47+02:0012. July 2022|current, Electrothermography, energy|

Lights out! Avoid wasting energy! The situation on the electricity market continues to come to a head. The understandable fear of a blackout is more than understandable. How much will electricity prices rise? Will we have affordable gas soon? Even politicians must now openly admit that security of supply cannot be fully guaranteed in the

The “non-contact temperature measurement” eteK-NORD sees through

2022-04-11T12:15:06+02:0011. April 2022|current, Electrothermography, energy, EU and standards, Test management|

The "non-contact temperature measurement" eteK-NORD sees through Every one of us knows this situation: You have a running business and the last thing you want is for machines and systems to be shut down unless it is absolutely necessary. Many companies are shy of the urgently needed inspections according to the guidelines of the DGUV

2022 – challenge and hope

2022-01-17T09:17:29+01:0014. January 2022|current, software, Test management, Uncategorized|

Dear Customers, the days are getting longer again. We are taking this as an opportunity to look to the New Year with cautious optimism. Unfortunately, a lot is not right in this world at the moment. So we all have at least one hope for a better and less complicated year 2022. One of the

The choice is yours: eteK-NORD stands for quality

2021-12-03T09:17:10+01:003. December 2021|current, ISO, Uncategorized|

The choice is yours: eteK-NORD stands for quality Newsletter 2021/09 part 02 "Couldn't it be a little cheaper?"   We hear these and similar statements more often from our customers when they study our offers for testing their electrical systems and machines, etc. Then we always say: “Quality has its price. And in the end

Our topic today: How good is your power grid?

2021-12-03T09:17:05+01:003. December 2021|current|

Network analyzes according to DIN EN 61000-4-30 VDE 0847-4-30: 2016-01 (Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC) from eteK-NORD   Clean energy, clean electricity - we know this topic all too well from the media. But that's not what our newsletter is about. We are of course pleased that affordable electricity from renewable energies is increasing its market share,

“Oh you green nine!” eteK-NORD sees it coming!

2021-12-03T09:16:56+01:003. December 2021|current, energy, ISO|

" Oh you green nine !" eteK-NORD sees it coming! Newsletter 2021/09 part 01 "Oh you green nine!" The general election is coming soon - what will happen to our energy supply? How expensive will electricity be? Source: It won't be long now. Then it is elected. We can be sure that the energy

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